How to Run Safer ?

Here are some points to look out for on how to run safer and easier for your actual day marathon.Happy Running

  • Schedule the long runs at the same time of day the actual marathon will be held to familiarize yourself with running during that time-frame and to also develop a pre-race routine for which you feel comfortable.
  • You don’t need to have any long runs too early in your training program, even if you are physically prepared to cover the distance. This may lead to staleness, premature burnout or even injuries.
  • Include weight training into your marathon training program.
  • Estimate the running time by the approximate distance. Doing so will enable you to have more flexibility and spontaneity in regards to the route you choose to run.
  • Use your long runs as a means of experimentation regarding future choices of food, clothing, shoes, etc. See Your Experiment for more information.
  • Do not increase the distance of your long run by more than 10% per week. Always have the 10% rule as a guide. This equates to adding roughly 15 minutes to each subsequent long run.
  • Every 4th week of your training schedule, drop the distance of your long run, providing for an easy week to rest and recovery.
  • Schedule you’re longest run no closer than 3 weeks before the marathon. The distance of this run should be 20 miles (32KM) maximum. DO NOT run a full marathon in practice to see if you can run one. Save your efforts for the actual race!
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to stop or walk to get the fluids down during your long run. Doing so will not have a negative effect on your preparedness for the marathon. Water and sports drinks are also your fuel to complete these long runs.

running shadow

  • Running with a group will make the long run more pleasurable and easier to accomplish as opposed to running alone. Find training partners who run close to your training pace would be a good idea.


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