How to Run Longer Distance ?

Building Up Your Distance

8510195170_b366bac954_oRun more often to build the base: As with anything, practice makes you get better. You should be running four to five days a week, you will be surprised at how quickly running starts to feel better. Build and increase your distance slowly. Before you consider to train for a marathon you should be able to run 35km minimum per week.

The Ten Percent Rule – To reduce the chances of getting injured, you should follow the 10% rule. Do not increase your weekly run by more than 10% a week. By doing this you will reduce the chances of getting injured to the minimum. I know sometimes you feel like pushing yourself harder and improve faster but if you do get injured, you will only delay or stop your training totally. Here are some additional information on Preventing Injuries.

Below chart to find the level of training that is suitable for those who don’t run much. Start training at that point and follow the plan. When you finish the 16 weeks of distance build up plan, you have now developed a base from where you can start training for the marathon. All numbers are in kilometers (KM)

Distance buildup


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