Marathon Training Injury Prevention

Marathon training injury prevention is quite a large topic. Most of the people usually start training after they have registered for a marathon or a running event, and it is when the event is getting nearer that they start to get worry. Well, one of the goal of training is to make it to the event starting line injury free. You can find in this website that there are several topics that will reduce the chance of getting an injury. The topics consist of stretching, strength training, cross training and the shoes that you are wearing.


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Types of Running Training


There are many types of running training, most of the time people will search for how to train to be faster. At the end not much action is taken. Training is not a nice feeling, sometimes even if you don’t have to mood to do it, you have to push yourself. You must always have a goal in mind, that is the most crucial part of the training. Set a goal and stick to it, most people will give up half way, that’s why they never complete the training. Determination is the key. Below are some of the types of training listed below.


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Running Shoe Selection Guide

So which is the “best” brand of shoes (e.g., Nike, Brooks, New Balance, etc.). However, there is no one best brand. There are three selection considerations when purchasing a running shoe to meet one’s biomechanical needs on the running shoe selection guide.

Consideration involves what foot type the runner has high arch (supination or under pronation), flat foot (over pronation), or neutral arch (pronation).

feet pronation 2(more…)

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How to Run Longer Distance ?

Building Up Your Distance

8510195170_b366bac954_oRun more often to build the base: As with anything, practice makes you get better. You should be running four to five days a week, you will be surprised at how quickly running starts to feel better. Build and increase your distance slowly. Before you consider to train for a marathon you should be able to run 35km minimum per week. (more…)

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Why Do We Stretch Our Muscles ?

You must always include stretching in your workout regularly as part of your running routine, let alone your marathon training program. How we stretch, why we stretch, and when we stretch are the keys to making stretching work for you. I will be talking about 2 types to stretching (dynamic and static stretching) (more…)

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What to Prepare for a long run ?

Prepare properly for these long training sessions will make this workout much easier to accomplish, as it may be quite difficult to complete as it is not an event. Below are areas of concern that require your careful preparation prior to, and during your long run. Let’s assume that your long run is scheduled for Sunday morning.
Food / Water (more…)

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