If you have made the commitment to step up to run a 10k. There are some guidelines that may help you up with the distance of 10k. Finding a training plan and stick to it, yes, stick to it will be your first priority. Always remember in all of the training plan that simply increases your mileage slowly taking the 10% rule into consideration (we’ve talk about it in the “basic marathon training plan”. In the beginning you can start with three days a week running about 2-3 miles each session, then if you have more time you might try to run on five days a week, averaging 3-4 miles and your weekly mileage may rise from around 9 miles to 15-20 miles.


Cross training with cycling, swimming, strength training and etc., will help you increase your fitness levels, tone your muscles and increase your endurance. When you are able to complete a 10k nice and steady and if you want finish a 10k in a shorter time. You may increase your training to 4 to 5 times a week, and increase your mileage each time. This will increase your overall weekly mileage but is not a daunting distance for you to attempt.

There are various type of training for your runs such as fartlek, intervel training, Hill running, cross-training, tempo runs, strength training, speed work, long runs and easy run. As you get better  you can start to implement some of these trainings. As for now just try to follow the plan below.

Below is the training plan, you can do exactly as it is or if you are not available for some of the days, you can always alter around. As a beginner, you can start off your training at the 5K training plan.

10k training plan table


If you have any comments or question, do drop me a comment below.


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  1. Very good information here me and my wife have been planing to do a marathon for our Anniversary. But I can honestly say I didn’t know you have to train for it I always thought you just went out there and just ran. But now that I’ve read this I have a better understanding of the whole marathon thing and will implement these techniques asap. Thanks

  2. Wonderful article on how to run a 10k race. Goals like this are going to build a strong personality and strengthen us. I personally not into achieving “running goals” but more into extreme sport such as snowboarding, swimming, strength-related, and stuff in that nature. I had a good read, and well done for writing us such a broken plan to achieving the 10k!

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